Movember calls !

The last year and bit has been an interesting time for me personally. To say ” interesting” is saying it mildly. Outlook on certain aspects of life have changed for me. It’s hard to pin point why. Still the jovial (some mate’s might think otherwise, at least on occasions !) bloke who has a laid back approach to things. Certain events though have affected me. I’ve alluded to them in an earlier post.

It also meant it was at the back of my mind, on ways I could help. I’ve seen colleagues at work doing charity walks and runs and I’ve done my contribution to it and that was it. Things have slightly changed in this regard.

I’ve decided to join the Movember group at work. For folks who don’t know what Movember is , you can read all about it here. To even call it an effort on my side is a stretch but it’s one step to doing something more in the name of charity than just contributing to the odd cause.

For folks who read this post and feel like contributing to a worthy cause, however big or small, there is a page setup at the Movember site. You can donate to me or the team I’m part of. It really doesn’t matter. It’s the cause that is important.

I promise to upload a before and after pic ! The plan is to have a group pic taken on Monday and then one at the end of the month. I have no idea how it will pan out since all my life I’ve never tried to grow a tache !