Why so precious..

To say that outside of England ( and possibly even within the country) you won’t find many people who rate the English media highly, is saying the bleeding obvious. Earlier, thanks to how incompetent the English cricket team was, they were tolerable. Lately though with the impressive performances of the English team, they’ve raised the bar of being obnoxious and pompous.

Read any report or opinion piece by most English journos ( there are exceptions, Lawrence Booth for one) and you will be hard pressed to find much praise for the opposition. If there is some praise, it’s more often than not, an side piece or off the cuff remark. Added to it, is how most of them sound in social media like twitter.

In addition to being obnoxious, they also don’t have the stomach to take any sort of critcism. A case of their word is final, and how dare you question my credentials/work.

It’s not the first time I’ve experienced it, there was this case last year. Now, comes the short exchanges I’ve had with George Dobell at Cricinfo. It started with a piece written by him, after the third day’s play in the first test match between England and South Africa.where he had this line “ It has been some time since England’s bowlers were rendered so impotent for so long”. Found that line a bit odd, since it was only 5 tests ago, Azhar Ali and Younis Khan batted for almost 90 overs without either being dismissed.

So I tweeted whether he had forgotten that test match, and then things got a bit interesting. Have a look at his responses.

It’s one thing to defend yourself, and another to take personal pot shots. Laughable that these folks then whinge that people give them grief on twitter. Suppose the saying ” people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones at others” isn’t something they’ve come across ?