The Sightscreen

It was mid way through the Indian tour of England, more specifically it was when I was in Birmingham and watched India lose the third test that an idea started. Along with couple more folks on twitter , began a talk about about starting a site, created by fans of the game, where one could talk about it from a fan’s perspective.

A week and half ago, after quite a few Skype calls, gtalk chats, email exchanges, the idea came to fruition. Introducing The Sightscreen .This idea is a collaborative effort , and major kudos to : Aashish, Devanshu, Minal, Masuud, Subash and Shrikant.

 Opinions pieces , nostalgia , stats and stadium information. We think these sections should cater to a broad spectrum of the fans of the game. Do have a look around, and appreciate all forms of feedback about the site.