How daft is Afridi ?

The only thing that was sad about the ‘ biting the cherry’ incident was that it came in the last match of an utterly dire ODI series between Australia and Pakistan. I had predicted a 4 -1 Aus win , and today Pakistan seemed to be on their way to win. I’m thinking post the bite(s), Afridi just lost the plot. To do it once was daft enough, but twice !!!!! In this day and age of cricket telecasting , you have to be pretty thick skulled to think you can get away with things like this.

Here’s one of the biting incident :

Thick skulled beyond belief. To think this was his chance of showing the Pakistan selectors his captaincy skills !

Best sledge ??

I’ve no idea why this one came up in my head, but I think this is one of the better sledges I’ve heard.

It was Shane Warne’s final innings as a batsman at Sydney. Paul Collingwood and he were having a right royal sledging match, each not giving a quarter and then Warne came up with this gem – you are an MBE* right ? Must Be Embarassed I guess !! Trust Warne to come up with a classic sledge.

* – Collingwood alongwith the rest of the English team were awarded MBE’s for having won back the Ashes in 2005. While the rest of the team possibly deserved it , Collingwoords contribution was 3 & 7 in the only test he played.

Random mumblings

So Australia completed their 3-0 sweep of Pakistan, making it 12 consecutive victories over them. Sri Lanka are the other team to have done this, against Bangladesh. I had predicted a double 3-0 win for Australia in their summer of cricket and it ended 5-0. Barring the Sydney test , it was one of the most boring Australian summer of cricket I can recall. At least next year, the Poms head down under, for the Ashes.

Talking of the Poms, was good to see that they didn’t ‘ steal ‘ a win against South Africa, much like how they won the ‘ Ashes’ . Yes, I still can’t believe or even recover from last summer’s Ashes defeat. Of course only a Pom would write that 1-1 was a fair result.

Read this to have a laugh. Seriously how deluded is this guy ??

Meanwhile, it’s been hilarious to read all and sundry in the media having a go at Sehwag for telling something everyone knows. So much for telling the truth. Bangladesh did well to restrict India for less than 250, but they are doing their best to emulate them by slumping to 59/3. What odds for a typical Bangladesh collapse tomorrow ? If I expect one guy to do well, it would be their captain Shakibul Hasan, for the rest I have no hope. I think they would go and make Sehwag’s statement true !

Time for another set of predictions, this time for the two ODI series Down Under.

Aus 4 , Pak 1
Aus 3, West Indies 2

To be honest, can’t wait for South Africa to land in India for the two test series. How hard would it have been to make it a three test series, and ditch the 3 meaningless ODI’s ??? Guess we should thank BCCI for even making this two test series a possibility !!!!

Ponting as the best of the decade – not quite right !

Cricinfo announced today that their panel consisting of (current and former) players , sports writers and commentators rates Ricky Ponting as the player of the decade. The numbers Ponting has stacked up makes impressive reading ( over 9000 runs in both forms of the game, averaging over 58 in tests and 44 in one day internationals). However if you dig into those stats further, his numbers in India don’t make for impressive reading. Averaging just a paltry 21.

Further muddling the choice, is the on field persona he brings and what he made/makes Australia portray. Even for a avid Australian cricket fan like me , it does makes for cringe-worthy viewing. It wasn’t that under Steve Waugh, Mark Taylor or Allan Border, Australia were angels, but under Ponting they’ve pushed the boundaries of acceptable behaviour.

Taken all of that into consideration, does Ponting deserve the accolade ? If I had to choose, it would have to be either Jacques Kallis or Glenn McGrath that deserves the award.

I guess Kallis didn’t get the award simply because he has never portrayed a flashy streak to his game. His dour approach to the game sadly lessens his achievements – however lame that sounds. For just sheer numbers, save for Sir Garfield Sobers, no other allrounder even comes close to him.

Choosing Glenn McGrath would again bring about question about his on field persona, for if ever a bowler liked a chirp it was Pigeon ! His get out clauses are that he wasn’t the captain of Australia and he didn’t publicly lecture on acceptable behaviour like Ponting.

Staggering numbers, especially in Asia – also known as the graveyard of bowlers save for the odd decent pitch.

So why did the so called experts, not take this into account ? In a decade where averaging 55 is the old 50 (, surely a bowler who has averaged in the low 20’s deserves the award !

p.s : this stat’s work just makes giving the award to Ponting seem even more absurd

Has Sehwag said more than he should have ?

There are two trains of thought when you read the interview of Sehwag by Boria Mujumdar in Open magazine

One thought is that Sehwag is being Sehwag , i.e. not bound by any norm. He speaks as he bats – keeping it real simple and to the fact.

The other is that by saying things like – when I get past 70 only I can get myself out, and other quotes, he is setting himself up for criticism’s if and when he fails.

Personally I quite like the fact that he’s spoken this way. There have been numerous quotes by sportsmen, who claim to have targetted or achieved something AFTER the event has occured. In his case, the goals and targets are clear cut and upfront !

If we do it, then it’s ok. Else blasphemy…

My contempt for the English team and their media has just gone up a few notches in the last few days. More specifically it’s their reaction to the antics of Broad and Anderson during the third day of the third test against South Africa.

The sheer number of articles, and I’m not even sure this is even remotely close to what is out there in the open, that has come up to defend the bowlers actions baffles me. It’s amazing that none of these writers ( and it includes some former players as well) seem to understand what the issue is. Maybe they all need to be locked up in a room and the following point drilled into their heads – it doesn’t matter if the ball condition didn’t change, it’s purely the action that is wrong. Period.

Sample some of these articles, to have a laugh on a Sunday afternoon

First up is Boycott :

Next up is Martin Johnson

This one by Ed Smith is incredulous – does this bloke even have proof to make this statement ?

Now I wonder if these same guys would be ok if Aus beat Eng in the last test of the Ashes series in Down Under to regain the Ashes, and where in the middle of the test Johnson and Bollinger did exactly what Broad and Anderson did !

I definitely think NOT. Masters of hypocrisy is what the English cricketers and media are famed for and they haven’t disappointed anyone this time as well !